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Penguin Eggs is published four times per year. A two-year subscription entitles you to a free CD from the choices presented below. The subscription choices can be found at the foot of the page.

Free CD Choices

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  • Russell deCarle

    Russell deCarle

    Alone In This Crowd
  • Jeff Buckley

    Jeff Buckley

    You and I
  • Blind Wille Johnson

    Blind Wille Johnson

    Reborn and Remastered
  • Big Little Lions

    Big Little Lions

    Alive and Well
  • Lonesome Ace String Band

    Lonesome Ace String Band

    When The Sun Comes Up
  • Suzie Vinnick

    Suzie Vinnick

    Shake The Love Around
  • Les Poules A Colin

    Les Poules A Colin

  • Pete Morton

    Pete Morton

    The Land of Time
  • Spiers & Boden

    Spiers & Boden

  • Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar

    Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar

    The Call
  • James Findlay

    James Findlay

    Another Day Another Story
  • The Hut People

    The Hut People

  • Gren Bartley

    Gren Bartley

    Magnificent Creatures
  • Peter Morton with Full House

    Peter Morton with Full House

    Game of Life
  • Ewan McLennan & George Monbiot

    Ewan McLennan & George Monbiot

    Breaking the Spell of Loneliness
  • Maria Dunn

    Maria Dunn

  • Jayme Stone

    Jayme Stone

    Lomax Project

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