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Monday, 09 September 2019 11:55

The East Pointers

Written by Tony Montague
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Yours To Break (Independent)

P.E.I. folk power trio The East Pointers’ third release, Yours To Break, reaffirms their roots in traditional Irish and Scottish music, while pushing farther in the direction of pop sensibilities in order to reach more mainstream-oriented listeners. 

The Juno-winning band’s virtues are abundantly evident on the 10 tracks—tight and bright vocal harmonies, varied and inventive arrangements, and top-notch musicianship throughout, from fiddler Tim Chaisson, banjo player Koady Chaisson, and guitarist Jake Charron. 

However, the desire to give them a more contemporary sheen doesn’t always serve to enhance the original songs and tunes. An underpinning beat that runs from beginning to end of the long instrumental Country Cable, for instance, serves only to chain the fluid melodic lines to its monotone regularity. And the Moog synthesizer used on Before My Time and Light Bright weighs the music down rather than deepening it, and muddies sonic clarity. 

When The East Pointers allow their new Celtic music to breathe more freely and naturally on Yours To Break the result is uplifting and sophisticated—and as exhilarating a ride as the trio’s live performances.

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