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Michael Brook, Rube & Rake, Brigid Mae Power, Crystal Shawanda, Emilyn Stam & John David Williams, Ross Ainslie, Cécilia, Fruzsina Rakoczy, Taraf Syrianna, and Silver Wolf Band.  
Toronto-based, Afro-Cuban duo want to open ears and minds to the new generation of Cuban musicians.
The Penguin Eggs Interview: Roddy Campbell has a quiet word with the world renowned guitar maker, musician, songwriter, label owner and driving force behind the Canadian Folk Music Awards.
Positive stories of community activism and labour solidarity provide her inspiration. Maria Dunn’s on Zoom telling a familiar tale about navigating the unfamiliar territory of online performing and socially distanced concerts. “At the beginning of lockdown I looked into what…
Cécilia et Bon Débarras
Americana roots-rocker reinvents himself with a wonderful album of acoustic versions of his favourite songs.
Penguin Eggs pays tribute to Jerry Jeff Walker, Billy Joe Shaver, and Maynard Solomon.
This trio’s traditional songs and dance tunes are firmly rooted in the French-speaking culture of North America.
Acclaimed Winnipeg musician Leonard Podolak looks to the future of folk music in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.  
He photographed iconic folk and rock musicians, including John Lennon for the cover of Rolling Stone.
The Penguin Eggs Interview: Colin Irwin provides insight into the 50-year musical career of the U.K.’s multi-tasking tour promoter, festival organizer, journalist, photographer, designer, publisher, broadcaster, artist manager, and independent label owner.
Artful synthesizers fuse with acoustic instruments on bold interpretations of traditional music from St. Kilda.
A new record of widely disparate styles reflects his ongoing desire to continually reinvent himself.
For the second time in three years, Pharis and Jason Romero pick up top honours for their disc Bet On Love.
His long experience in acoustic folk and blues makes it a ready pleasure to hear his new batch of songs.
With a deep love of Appalachian, Cajun, and Celtic music, his skill at blending those traditions harmoniously is unequalled.
Scallop farmer, Old Man Luedecke.  
With their latest release, the acclaimed string quartet now tackle the folk and protest songs attributed to Pete Seeger.
Roddy Campbell pays tribute to all those who helped this magazine flourish for 23 years.
The Record That Changed My Life: Calum MacCrimmon honours Michael McGoldrick’s Fuse.