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Monday, 04 June 2018 12:28

Vance Joy

Written by les siemieniuk
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Nation of Two (Atlantic Records)

So here’s the scoop: the music business, which has many levels and opportunities to make a decent living, also contains a small niche, where if you write the right song at the right time you will win the lottery.

Vance Joy (a stage name for the Australian phenom) has entered that hallowed ground. His debut album of four years ago, Dream Your Life Away, contained the song Riptide, which, first time I checked, had 222,003,036 views on YouTube*. I can’t even imagine what that does to a career that’s just started…

So Nation of Two is the second album from a singer/songwriter who, for the rest of this year, is playing the Saddledome in Calgary, Rogers Place in Edmonton, Budweiser Stage in Toronto, The Bell Centres in Montreal and Winnipeg, plus all of Australia, most of the Americas—north and south, and a good smattering of the rest of the earth. This is BIG TIME showbiz. 

Well, he’s got a lovely voice, can write a pretty good song, and for a sophomore effort from a young songwriter…it’s pretty damn good.  

Mr. Joy’s problem now is sustainability—a superstar career or a one-hit wonder. I couldn’t have predicted his stunning instant success and where he goes from here has very little to do with his talent.

The good thing is, having hit the lottery so early, he does not have to worry about paying a mortgage—ever. One song can do that. That’s the beauty and the curse of the music business.

*(Web editor's note: Riptide has 613,717,859 plays on Spotify as of June 5, 2018 17:04 MDT)

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