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Tuesday, 06 June 2017 14:43


Written by Barry Livingston
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Gryningsland (Nordic Notes)

From the opening notes, it’s immediately apparent that Folk’Avant’s Gryningsland is a special recording by three immensely talented musicians.

Anna Wikenius (vocals), Anna Rubinsztein (fiddle, vocals), and Maija Kauhanen (concert kantele, vocals) are no strangers to the Nordic folk scene. All are musical masters in their own countries (Sweden, Finland), and bring a wealth of knowledge of their respective traditions to this group. 

Their individual musical contributions are outstanding. However, it is remarkable the way in which the three seamlessly weave their voices into an exquisite dance where kantele, vocals and fiddle merge into a unique, singular ensemble sound. 

Anna Wikenius’s Drömmare is a masterpiece. with its anthem-like chorus melody, and the beautiful Jag Minns is like a delicate flower. In contrast, the group negotiates the rhythmic shifts of Budapest with ease and exuberance. 

Folk’Avant deserves a standing ovation for this extraordinary debut: a deeply moving and inspiring journey.



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