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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 14:04

Scott Cook

Written by Tom Murray
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Further Down the Line (Independent)

As hard a traveling a man as he is, Scott Cook doesn’t give into the usual world weary platitudes associated with the 21st century wandering singer-songwriter. He’s a thoughtful guy, throwing a hard look at his home province (Alberta, You’re Breaking My Heart), and fellow bros’ (Fellas, Get Out of the Way), though still finding space to hilariously celebrate that most venerable of late night dancing and drinking institutions (Kitchen Dance Party On). His Edmonton-based backing band The Second Chances (Bramwell Park, mandolin, banjo; Melissa Walker, bass) supply their usual sturdy and inventive backing, with pianist Dana Wylie, drummer Matt Blackie and violinist Adam Iredale-Gray adding nice touches throughout. Cook’s sixth full-length release also finds him leaping forward in songwriting craft, bringing him closer to the echelon he so clearly reveres: John Prine, Corin Raymond, Greg Brown. As with his last release, Scott Cook and the Long Weekends Go Long, he’s charted out his songs in the accompanying thick booklet, chords at the ready, along with a little friendly advice on how to proceed as a folk musician.

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