Penguin Eggs

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Edmonton-based, husband-and-wife team Denise MacKay and Peter Stone, bare their souls on a new album of impeccable poise, virtue, and, at times, tragedy.
For the first time ever, a band has won Penguin Eggs’ Album of the Year. P.E.I.’s Ten Strings And A Goat Skin take top honours, while Dori Freeman earns our critics’ discovery of 2016.
This Canadian Celtic trio get goosebumps listening to their own ideas.
Long a lover of improvisation and harmony, she’s now discovered a fresh approach to composing; it’s called a looper.
They started out as a trio covering Willie P. Bennett’s songs. Twenty years later, they record an album with an all-star Nashville cast.
The best of traditional Danish folk music is showcased in South Jutland.
His influences cross between Jimme Rodgers’ s blue yodels and Otis Blackwell’s raucous jazz. Obviously, not one for the rules of convention.
They pay direct homage to bluegrass pioneers Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt and provide a key touchstone to the roots of their music.
A bullet put an end to his Olympic boxing dreams but now his voice makes gushing fools out of earnest journalists.
Shaped by the streets of Dublin, they played in punk and metal bands before turning their hands to Ireland’s storied folk tradition.
Roddy Campbell weighs in on Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize for Literature
James Keelaghan revisits the live Belafonte at Carnagie Hall double LP.
Penguin Eggs pays tribute to Leonard Cohen, Stanley (Buckwheat) Dural Jr., Fred Hellerman, Oscar Brand, John D. Loudermilk, Leon Russell and Philip Chess.
Stephen Fearing outlines the pitfalls and problems of writing and releasing a topical song as the world tilts towards the right.
The Penguin Eggs Interview: The great communicator and Ireland’s national treasure has a word with Colin Irwin.
Kondi Band, Soulwood, Murder Murder, William Prince, and Zachary Lucky.
Steeped in old-time traditional tunes, this duo also air their concerns about big social issues All it took was one song and they knew. Michael Beauchamp and Laurel Premo, who make up the Michigan-based duo Red Tail Ring, felt a…