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The Decemberists and Olivia Chaney, as Offa Rex, draw from the visionary legacy of Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention and The Albion Band to reinvent trad’ folk-rock.
Bruce Mason applauds the many lustrous facets of Indigenous art.
Abigail Lapell et Hommage aux Âiné.          
Dave Penny, Sam Gleaves & Tyler Hughes, Robbie Bankes, Boogie Patrol, and The Bucking Mules.
with Michael Hill, author of The Mariposa Folk Festival: A History.
Penguin Eggs pays tribute to Vin Garbutt, Rosalie Sorrels, Glen Campbell, Jimmy LaFave, D.L. Menard, and Gregg Allman.
The Record That Changed My Life: Helen  Austin pays homage to Iron & Wine’s Around The Well.
Roddy Campbell praises the visionary women who cultivate Canadian folk festivals.
Largely a cappella, this trio merit a growing reputation for writing some of folk’s finest new songs. one of the most versatile, and sometimes quirkiest, songwriters on the national scene.
This Juno Award-winning trio celebrate 15 years together with an album of select covers.
David Newland looks at the complexities of a classic folk song bound in myth by the Arctic waters. a writer of pensive social songs in the tradition of Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard
Billy Bragg’s new book explores the ’50s skiffle boom in the U.K. and how it popularized the guitar and led to bands like The Beatles.
From the capital of traditional Québécois song, this quintet revel in their heritage.
...started drumming in pipe band, now he mixes and samples the music of the Celts.
...cloaks her songs in layers of mystery stained with hues of weird traditional folk.
...found a role model in Mavis Staples and inspiration in the archives of Alan Lomax.
The Penguin Eggs Interview: Steve Dawson chats with the renowned bluesman.
They call their music secular gospel—an addictive, earth-bound form of spiritualism. Birds of Chicago are proof that two very different upbringings can lead to a life in music. Singer/songwriter JT Nero grew up in Ohio in an academic household. His…