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Les Poules à Colin are attracted to Quebec’s darker folk songs. And while they profess a healthy respect for the tradition, they are not averse to stretching its boundaries to the“creepy” side of things. Words by Tony Montague  
Birds of Chicago   William Prince
A return to his outlaw roots recaptures the swagger of his early recordings.  
Their spirited traditional and original music pushes the boundaries of Quebec folk culture.
Never constrained by convention, this quintet delightfully mash-up world seasonal music.
One of gospel’s hottest groups, these siblings live on the other side of the blues.  
Venerable Americana pioneers recall the celebrated triple album that gilded their careers.
The late Oliver Schroer recorded his last album in churches along Spain’s Camino de Santiago trail. Peter Coffman took his camera.
He draws rave reviews for the well-honed songs he crafts. And then there’s his day job.
Arctic soul and Inuktitut folk-rock are just some of the staples on Nunavut’s first record label.  
With a cast of all-stars, the former Prairie Oyster creates a masterful, new artistic statement.  
Anna Tivel, The Eisenhaurs, Cordeen, Colleen Power, Dan Wylie
His imagery is odd, grotesque, bizarre, dark, and ugly. He also has a knack for a sly lyric. On Geoff Berner’s new album, Canadiana Grotesquica, there is a song about vocalists from the Great White North who adopt an inauthentic…