Penguin Eggs

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The Gospel of St. Paul From Birmingham, AL, come St. Paul & The Broken Bones and their fabulously charismatic frontman, Paul Janeway. Steeped in southern gospel and soul, their joyful, raucous, take-no-prisoners performances make them a compelling, must-see live band.…
Roddy Campbell talks to the great folk impresario.
Quebéc trio stretch their traditional boundaries with some really unconventional percussion instruments.
Field hollers and chain gang chants, are transformed in striking, contemporary musical settings.
These sisters continue to explore a veritable array of musical ideas, including the songs of Molly Drake.
Cuban-Canadian gets intensely personal and acoustic on his riveting new recording.
As much short-story writer as performer, his songs resonate with gripping tales of small-town carnivals.
One of Quebéc’s most innovative trad’ bands now draws inspiration from science fiction and prog rock.
The author details writing and researching Couldn’t Have A Wedding Without A Fiddler: The Story of Traditional Fiddling on Prince Edward Island.
Gene MacLellan’s daughter covers his iconic hits but leaves her own indisputable, loving mark.
The outstanding new disc from one of America’s most acclaimed acoustic musicians reflects on the...
The editor loses his mojo and it takes a Newfoundland kitchen party to get it back.
Old Man Luedecke salutes Shawn Camp’s Live At The Station Inn.
Penguin Eggs pays tribute to James Cotton, Tony Davis, Lloyd Doyle, and Lonnie Brooks.
with Linda Tanaka, celebrating 40 years of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival.
Daorí Farrell, Dylan Menzie, The Wardens, Fergus O’Byrne, and Lula Lounge,
Les Grands Hurleurs et Maz
Steve Edge outlines the perils and challenges of running a busy folk club in a city with diminishing media interest.
Inspired, dark depictions of contemporary Vancouver underscore his defiant debut disc. Jesse Waldman has released his masterful Mansion Full of Ghosts. Time will tell if this long-awaited debut album is truly the brilliant achievement it appears to be at first glance…