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...dropped out of academia for a life as an itinerant musician. Along the way, he wrote masterful songs but plunged into the depths of despair. It took him a dozen years to regain his creative momentum and he has never…
The Penguin Eggs Interview Holger Petersen talks to the storied singer and the source of the Joe Cocker hit Delta Lady
He makes landmark traditional recordings when not wrapping his concertina around Kate Bush.
The Ottawa-born guitar slinger’s first album in a decade features several iconic Texas bluesmen.
Nothing is off limits for this Boston-based quartet that fuses folk with soul, country, and R&B.
Doc Watson changed this Italian guitar master’s life; now he sings in four languages and covers Giuseppe Verdi.
These former Be Good Tanyas reunite as a duo to record a new disc largely inspired by the poet William Blake.
With their Old West garb and vaudeville antics, this is not your run-of-the-mill bluegrass band.
His folk-meets-country-noir bristles with social commentary and reflects on the Beat Generation.
A powerful and commanding guitarist, his complex, acoustic music straddles funk to folk.
As the revival took hold in Canada in the early sixties, folk venues sprang up like spring flowers. Some of them even stuck around for a while. In this feature, we highlight 10 lost rooms, their history told by those…
It took almost 15 years to complete the lyrics for her stark and beautiful, oddly named new disc. It was record producer Scott Merritt who inadvertently came up with the title of Jenny Mitchell’s latest project, Bird City. The Guelph,…
Roddy Campbell highlights the heart-warming resurgence of LPs.
The Record That Changed My Life: Lynn Miles hails Jennifer Warnes’s Famous Blue Raincoat.  
Molly Evans, Will Varley, Moscow Apartment, Rosemary Lawton, OktoEcho, and Joshua Hyslop. Rosemary Lawton
...playwright and songwriter Anaïs Mitchell
Penguin Eggs pays tribute to Hugh Masekela, Anthony Scaduto, Leo (Bud) Welch, Curly Seckler, Terry Evans, Algia Mae Hinton, and Tom Rapp.